There is a tall catalpa tree that grows in the front yard of the old farmhouse I rent from the City of Boulder—a tree that stands outside my office window as if to keep an eye on me as I write. According to the Colorado Tree Coalition the Western Catalpa blooms in late...

Last week I went out for lunch at the Tea House in Boulder with a good friend and fellow writer, Mike Barber, and somehow we got onto the subject of happiness and celebration (likely this had something to do with the quickly approaching Colorado Book Awards ceremony)....

Even if I don't "win" tonight, I still woke up feeling like it was my birthday. Yesterday, I went and talked with the most amazing group of 8th graders at Logan High School (which is where Fig should have gone) and left feeling better about teens reading my book. About...

January 30, 2015

Yesterday marked twenty-nine years since the Challenger launched into a cold blue heaven only to explode into a series of chaotic contrails, resulting in the tragic death of all those on board--six astronauts and one school teacher. It was the first time a civilian had...

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