I am available to do readings, panels, workshops, and other events. If you're interested in the Creative Writing Workshop Series, (W)rites of Passage, that I "midwife" four times a year, please see: www.writesofpassage.org or email us at: writesofpassage13@gmail.com


I can also work with you on a one-on-one basis. Instead of calling myself a writing coach, I am a writing midwife--I simply assist and guide you in the process of your literary creation/s. I've helped with creative manuscripts and critical ones as well. Furthermore, I can assist in helping you prepare to publish your work.


Please feel free to message me; I will do my very best to get back to you in a timely manner. 


I am represented by Heather Schroder at Compass Talent. You can contact her at: hschroder@compasstalent.com


If you've read Fig and struggle with dermatillomania, the following website is a good place to go for help:




Yes, it's true. I'm also a visual artist; I've been working on collaging the entire Tarot deck for too long now and I'm only halfway finished. I stray, I'm afraid, and start other projects. I have a series of Botanical pen & ink illustrations and another called, Side Show, for which I made a collection of paper dolls (and larger ones made from plywood) that depict real live performers from the circus industry of yesterday--people like "The Bearded Woman," Lionel, "The Lion Man," "The Camel Girl," and "The Half-Woman" (the latter is pictured to the right). I also do found object art assemblage sculpture; for example, I was once commissioned to do a memory piece for a woman who didn't know what to do with her grandmother's evening gowns. They were disintegrating, but I found a way to turn them into a triptych of shadow box "flower" gardens that simultaneously told the story of her matriarch's life.


If you're interested in my art visit my shop: www.AnangkaArts.Etsy.com 






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