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I am available to do readings, panels, workshops, and other events. Please click on "News & Events" to get a look at my experience and my current schedule. I am also represented by Heather Schroder at Compass Talent. Contact her at:


If you're interested in the Creative Writing Workshop Series I founded (W)rites of Passage, please see:  I can also work with you on a one-on-one basis. Instead of calling myself a writing coach, I am a writing midwife. I simply assist and guide you in the process of your literary creation/s. I've helped with creative manuscripts and critical ones as well. Furthermore, I can assist in helping you prepare to publish your work. Please message me and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. The email for (W) is

I'm also a visual artist; I've been working on collaging the entire Tarot deck for far too long now and I'm only halfway finished. I stray, I'm afraid, and start other projects. I have a series of Botanical pen & ink illustrations and another called, Side Show, for which I made a collection of paper dolls (and larger ones made from plywood) that depict real live performers from the circus industry of yesterday--people like "The Half-Woman" pictured to the right. I also do found object art assemblage sculpture and other such commissions. Please visit my shop:

I'm also available for divination sessions using Tarot and other oracle cards and methods. I specialize in readings for artists and help design custom rituals to keep you and your work focused. I charge $1.00 a minute, but my minutes are VERY generous and gratuity is always appreciated. I also do regular readings, including birthday and/or New Year spreads. If you'd like to schedule an online reading with me using Zoom, please send me a message and we can make arrangements. I craft spell candles and spiritual baths as well as protection poppets and other such charms (usually as commissioned or as called upon).


I'm currently working as an adjunct instructor in the creative writing department at Naropa University, teaching through my own workshop series, and for Lighthouse Writers Workshop (and when hired to by other organizations), but this is unreliable work that doesn't always pay well (a lot of labor of love). The idea is to leave time for my own writing. While I am planning to launch a Patreon account, if you'd like to contribute to my writing, you can do so via Pay Pal using (please send as Friends & Family to avoid fees) or Venmo using Sarah-Schantz-6 or Cash App using Storymama and I promise to pay it forward by making more art and helping others to make art too. 

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