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This spell kit includes a handcrafted "dressed" candle and spiritual bath. The candle is made from red and pink beeswax and decorated with gold leaf, silver mica, and dried rose buds; it is scented using rose, jasmine & ylang-ylang, but is "dressed" in magical ingredients. The bath also uses the same essential oils, contains dried roses from the Witch Next Door's "Mother Garden," more gold leaf, and is blended using Epsom and pink Himalayan salts. It comes with a suggested spell and instructions we encourage you to follow, modify, or ignore in lieu of your own. While I use the same basic recipes for each spell I make, no two candles are exactly alike. They will differ in size and other ways. Furthermore, I make them in ritual thus the energies they possess might vary depending on whether or not I crafted them at night on a new moon or in the morning during a blizzard. This particular batch of Love Candles were made on the March new moon.

Handcrafted Love Candle & Spiritual Bath

  • The buyer can return for a refund if the items have not been opened, tampered with, or used. The buyer however is responsible for shipping and packaging.

The Witch Next Door Apothecary:

Handcrafted Spells, Charms, Poppets & Divination

by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz

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